8Green Tech



We offer comprehensive top notch EMI & HEMP filters for a variety of power, data, signal & RF lines. 8 Green Technologies is LCR Electronics’ Business Associate for India.

LCR Electronics is uniquely integrated company for advanced design, engineering, manufacturing, testing and technical support HEMP/EMI/EMC solutions and more. LCR focus on truly understanding customer needs, achieving the optimum balance of quality, performance and cost-efficiency and providing solutions, field-tested and proven, in some of the most demanding environments. For nearly 30 years, LCR has earned a “can do” reputation for designing and delivering results that exceed customer expectations.


Our HEMP/EMI/RFI filter capabilities help your products meet all their requirements and achieve success. We invite your critical evaluation of our ability to understand and address your concept, statement of work, or detailed specification, and to deliver on target, on time and on budget.


EMI Filters protect sensitive, mission critical Military equipment and installations from Radiated or Conducted Electromagnetic Interference or noise. Our EMI filters are designed to surpass requirements of MIL STD 461&MIL; STD 220C.


HEMP Filters are designed to protect mission critical equipment from the ill effects of an EMP event. These filters meet and surpass the MIL STD 188-125/1&2; MIL STD 461&MIL; STD 220C.