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Using Solar Power for Fuel stations is gaining Popularity by the day. A power interruption at a fuel station would result in customer dissatisfaction and financial implications. Careful sizing of the solution offers “Nirantara” (uninterrupted) power for the petrol stations. Power back-up could be designed for not only dispensing guns but also other essential loads as well. Using “Nirantara”, diesel generator usage could be completely avoided. This application offers one of the best pay-back periods. “8 Green Technologies” has wide expertise in offering reliable solutions with high quality conscience. Our endeavor is to build a long term healthy relationship throughout network of satisfied customers; we call them our growth partners. A solar power solution essentially comprises of Solar panels, a solar-inverter with high crest-factor designed to power inductive loads like pumps and having charge controller and a long life battery.
All these models come with manufacturers’ warranty for Solar Panels as per MNRE guidelines. Batteries come with 36 + 6 month warranty and inverters with 2 year standard warranty and additional warranty options are also available.