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Solar Powered LED lighting is increasingly becoming the favorite by the day. Low power consumption and long life of LED lights along with Solar power back up is a great solution for many applications.

Amongst other applications Solar LED street lighting is very popular. 8 Green Technologies offers reliable stret lighting solutions. These are available in various
LED Wattage: 12/18/ ….

The Solar street light operates from dusk to dawn i.e., the lamp automatically switches ON after the sunset and switches off after the sunrise.

The street lighting system basically consists of :

a) SPV Module
b) Low maintenance battery
c) Luminaire
d) Pole
e) Battery box
f) inter connecting tables

the SPV module is fixed firmly on top of the pole with suitable tilt and inclination so as to receive maximum sunlight through out the day. The SPV module thus produces suitable voltage and current, which is used to charge the battery inside the battery box. This energy stored in the battery is used to light up the 7.2 watts LED which is housed inside the luminaire during night time.

Energy efficient LED lamps of atleast 7.2Watts with 15 Lux, an inverter and charge controller card, which is used to convert the stored DC energy in the battery to suitable AC voltage to ignite the LED. A reflector is provided in the luminaire to increase and spread the light uniformly. Auto dim mode after 4 hours

The charge controller protects the battery from over charge and deep discharge.

The SPV module, luminaire and the battery box are fixed on to the pole and are interconnected through the cables. The solar street light operates in the stand alone mode.

The battery is housed inside a battery box which is fixed on to the pole at a suitable height from the ground for easy maintenance and replacement. The battery provided is low maintenance and has a long life with regular use. Periodical maintenance of the battery includes topping up distilled water once in2-3 months and applying petroleum jelly to the terminals to prevent corrosion