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Power Quality is a comparison of the actual vis-à-vis the ideal or desired values of each of the characteristics of electrical power. Power Quality (PQ) related issues are of great concern nowadays. When Power quality issues like dips and swells, spikes, surges, momentary outages, sags or other disturbances occur – computers and other electrically powered equipment may malfunction, fail prematurely or shut down unexpectedly. Many facilities simply cannot accept these consequences. Consider hospitals, banks, data communications centers, manufacturing and other facilities that rely on smooth, reliable power for operations. The consequences of an unplanned outage can cost thousands of rupees each minute or result in unsafe conditions or other serious problems.


Many PQ problems have origin in the transmission or distribution grid. The widespread use of electronic equipment, power electronics such as Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), programmable logic controllers (PLC), energy-efficient lighting, led to a complete change of electric loads nature. These loads are simultaneously the major causers and the major victims of power quality problems. Due to their non-linearity, all these loads cause disturbances in the voltage waveform.



Our Power Quality Audit experts study the sites to identify the source and nature of the disturbance or condition that is causing the problem. This involves a variety of measurements using power analyzers. Based on the source and nature of the power quality issue a solution is determined to improve the power quality.


Typical solutions may involve installation of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), design and installation of filters, removing the external source of interference or the answer might be as simple as transferring the load to another circuit or reconnecting an improperly connected ground or neutral conductor. Here are some examples of PQ problems and solutions.