8 Green Technologies offers optimized solar rooftop solutions with careful sizing & selection of the solar panels, hybrid inverters, batteries and various accessories combined with professional installation and commissioning practices. Sizing various components according to the duty cycle is critical, to maximize the customer satisfaction; we are pioneers in this area.

8 Green Technologies uses Polycrystalline Solar Panels manufactured using state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities by reputed manufacturers. These panels are designed to surpass various national & international standards. We offer a wide range of modules up to 300 Watt in various voltage configurations.

Monocrystalline panels are also available on request.


• reliability and long durability

• Special style cell interconnects for longevity Advanced EVA encapsulation for high

• Advanced multi layer back sheet to withstand and projects from harsh weather conditions

• By passdiodes to minimize power drop/loss caused by shading

• Anodized aluminum alloy channel for strength and durability