8Green Tech

APFC Panels


8 Green Technologies’ Sanchaya APFC Panels cater to commercial and industrial applications for improving power factor, which is a statutory requirement of all State Power Distribution Companies in India.

Applications :

l Collages l Schools l Institutes l Offices l Banks l Showrooms l Factories l Municipalities l Hospitals l Hotels l Railways l Cinema theaters l Function halls l Airports l Telecom l Cold storage

Benefits of ‘Sanchaya’ Automatic Power Factor Controller (APFC) Panels

Reduced electricity bills
Increased installation capacity
Improved voltage regulation due to reduced line voltage drop
Less heating of cables, transformers, switch gears and other equipment and increased life
Reduction in KVA demand
More power for the same KVA
Short pay back periods
80% depreciation in the first year as per Energy Conservation Act -2001